Sluggish end to the sluggish start…#janathon #day1

Sluggish start to day 1 of the 31 day Janathon challenge.  Having retired to bed at the meagre hour of 11pm (and being rudely awoken by fireworks at midnight!) I still found myself waking later than usual with a slight hint of a hangover.

I dusted myself off and downed my daily dose of Shreddies (other cereal brands are available) and got ready for my date with my runny buddy.

Having run 5 miles yesterday, we agreed a 3 mile ‘flat route’ which suited me perfectly.  No sooner had we set off that I felt tired with niggling burning thigh pain and wondered how such a flat road could feel so hilly.  Nonetheless I battled on knowing that it was last nights cider and wine talking and I soon realised we were almost done.

3 miles in 29 minutes couldn’t be classed as our best work but all in I’m happy 🙂